Vim University

Friday, 17 February 2012

I just stumbled across a fairly new site called Vim University. Like Vimcasts it looks like a good resource for Vim tips and tricks.

What I don't necessarily like is the old-standard Learning Vim is going to be horrible for a while but you've just got to grin and bear it advice given in the Surviving Your First Week In Vim post:

The first hundred vim commands you execute will be your most painful, so get through them as quickly as possible. Don't leave vim except in for major emergencies.


After just three weeks, most people are significantly faster than they were in their old editor. Don't put off learning this awesome tool any longer.

Like Yehuda Katz this type of advice is exactly why I could never jump into Vim. In the real world, you need to get stuff done and three weeks is a really long time to be fighting with a new tool. Inevitably I'd give up, frustrated and discouraged, and swear to never try learning Vim again.

Eventually I did learn Vim, but for me the sticking point was when I started using Janus which essentially makes Vim look and act like TextMate out-of-the-box. Eventually I started exploring more of the power that Vim has to offer, but I was able to get comfortable using Vim as my everyday editor quickly and grow into using more powerful features as time went on.