How To Work From Home Like You Mean It

Friday, 13 January 2012

Kevin Purdy:

Dressing for work and "arriving" on time, eating lunch on a rigid schedule, shaving, brushing, and so on seems pointless at first. But not doing these basic preparations is the start of a steep, Teflon-coated slope to all kinds of other transgressions. If you're not dressed well enough to greet the UPS delivery person, you're giving yourself license to hide. If you're hiding, then you imagine nobody can see Netflix open on your second monitor.

Telecommuting sometimes feels like it's equal parts blessing and curse. On one hand you have total freedom. On the other hand, you have total freedom.

I had been working for myself for many years before taking an actual office job. (You know, the kind you have to get up and drive to.) The lack of freedom was a big shock at first but it taught me that often productivity and structure go hand-in-hand. After leaving that job and going back to working for myself I found that I craved a structured schedule. Yes, it helps me be productive during work hours, but another great — even if unanticipated — outcome is that it helps me define boundaries for time I shouldn't be working.