Using Yourls With Tweetie 2 for iPhone

Friday, 09 October 2009

Tweetie 2 just went live on the App Store and it has a bunch of really amazing new features. One that I'm particularly excited about is that Tweetie now has the ability to use a custom URL shortener (as long as it mimics either the or TinyURL APIs). I use Yourls which — as luck would have it — is compatible.

Here's a quick run down of how to set up Tweetie 2 to use a custom Yourls install for URL shortening:

In Tweetie 2, Go to Settings -> URL Shortening -> Custom. If your Yourls install is set up as public then put in this string:


If it's private, you'll need to add the username and password parameters:


Replace EXAMPLE.COM with your Yourls installation's URL and of course be sure to replace MY_USERNAME and MY_PASSWORD with your actual username and password. You can see the Yourls API docs for more info on why this works.

Custom Shortener

PLEASE NOTE: If your username and password contain non-alphanumeric characters, this WILL NOT work without an additional step. You'll need to URL Encode the special characters. There are plenty of tools around that'll do this for you. Just plug in the URL encoded values instead of MY_USERNAME and MY_PASSWORD.

Gone are the days of having to switch to Mobile Safari just to shorten a link with Yourls before posting to Twitter.