Symfony 1.2 Released Alongside a New Advent Calendar Tutorial

Monday, 01 December 2008

Symfony 1.2 stable has been officially released:

As our early Christmas present, we finalized the 1.2 release of symfony after some weeks of hard work.

Be sure to check out what's new in Symfony 1.2 as well as the upgrade instructions for upgrading from Symfony 1.1. If you're upgrading from 1.0, it is recommended that you first upgrade to 1.1. Also, the 1.2 documentation and book will be an invaluable resource if you're new to Symfony 1.2.

Also, those familiar with Symfony will probably remember the Askeet tutorial from several years ago. It was written as an easy, step-by-step tutorial that showcased Symfony and allowed new users to build an application from start to finish while learning about the framework. Over the years the Askeet tutorial has begun to show its age so to celebrate the release of Symfony 1.2 the Symfony team has put together a new Advent Calendar style tutorial called Jobeet. It's a great way for both Symfony novices and pros to learn about Symfony best-practices right from the creators of Symfony.

(Via the Symfony Blog.)