Database Migrations in Doctrine and Propel

Friday, 24 October 2008

I just read Jonathan Wage's post on Doctrine's new migration features. Specifically, he goes into the new Diff Tool (which can automatically generate migrations when you change your schema) and Down Automation which replaces the classic up() and down() methods with a singular migrate($direction) method. It looks promising, but I have yet to actually build something with Doctrine. This looks to be really elegant though and may push me over the edge to jump in to Doctrine on a new project. The sooner the better I suppose since Doctrine will be bundled with Symfony 1.2.

Also, for Propel users, Kris Wallsmith is working on adding migrations to Propel via the Symfony sfPropelPlugin to replace the older and much more manual sfPropelMigrationsLightPlugin. It looks promising but I haven't read anything recently about progress.